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Volume 2 (2010)  
Issue 6 (November)  
Issue 5 (September) Successor Engineers/Visit Website/Officer Nominations
Issue 4 (July) Successor Engineers/Industry Updates
Issue 3 (May) Underpinning Subcommittee Update
Issue 2 (March) Florida Legislation to Limit Sinkhole Claims to 25%
Issue 1 (January)             New Rule to Take Effect on Sinkhole Property Taxes


Volume 1 (2009)  
Issue 5 (November) A Sinking Feeling
Issue 4 (September) Elementary School Restoration
Issue 3 (July) Pasco County's New Sinkhole Ordinance
Issue 2 (May) New Micropile Provisions in 2007 FBC
Issue 1 (April) Micropiles and Pile Foundations


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