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Welcome to, the home of the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists, or FAS³. This website is an outlet for information disseminated by FAS³ and a place for those in the sinkhole stabilization industry to find useful information about the state of the industry as well as industry standards and guidelines.

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 President's Message – Symptom or Cause

Recently several articles have appeared in the editorial section of local news papers regarding the new Citizens Property Insurance proposal to fix rather than litigate confirmed sinkhole claims. The articles have provided both the pros and cons of the Citizens proposal but also have questioned the effectiveness of subsurface grouting versus underpinning for sinkhole remediation purposes. The pros and cons are a separate subject; however, this engineer has been in the business of evaluating sinkhole claims as well as damaged homes and other types of buildings and proposing appropriate remediation plans consistent with the specific findings for almost 40 years and believes that comments regarding grouting versus underpinning are needed.   

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Consumer Alert!

Successor Engineers/Contractors

It has come to the attention of FAS³ that there appears to be misconduct happening within the industry. This misconduct involves incorrect application of the "successor engineer" rule as it applies to a successor engineer adopting the project and work of an original engineer.

It has been brought to the attention of FAS³ through various avenues that many permits are being pulled throughout Florida counties without the proper guidelines for becoming a successor engineer being followed. Engineering reports are being used erroneously, fraudulently and in violation of Professional Engineering standards in order for permits to be pulled.

It is the goal of FAS³ to make the industry aware of these happenings and that this problem has run rampant at the detriment of honest, hardworking industry professionals and their clients.

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Permitting of Foundation Remediation

What are Underpins?
Underpins, commonly referred to as micropiles or mini-piles are steel, hollow pipes which are advanced into the earth until a competent bearing strata is achieved. Underpins are typically less than five inches in diameter with a wall thickness ranging from 0.203 inches to 0.375 inches. Underpins are attached to the foundation of a structure with a properly designed bracket system and the underpin pipe piles are advanced into the earth with either hydraulic rams or a rotary motor, depending on the underpin system being used. The 2007 Florida Building Code has defined Micropiles and Pile Foundations within Chapter 18, section 1808. The definition of underpins as used throughout the industry to date would be encompassed in these definitions.

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Will my home or building lose value because it has been grouted or underpinned?

It is the position of FAS³ that if your property is properly evaluated and properly remediated (whether grouted or underpinned) your property's original value will be restored, if not enhanced. The key is insuring that your property is evaluated and remediated properly. The best way to insure that its value is protected is to use FAS³ member companies.

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