Palm Coast by Maronda Homes

category: Real estate agency, Construction company, Custom home builder, Housing development, Home builder, Real estate developer
address: 11 Pheasant Dr, Palm Coast, FL 32164, United States
Phone: +1 866-617-3801
Monday12–6 PM
Tuesday10 AM–6 PM
Wednesday10 AM–6 PM
Thursday10 AM–6 PM
Friday10 AM–6 PM
Saturday10 AM–6 PM
Sunday12–6 PM

rayting: 4.2
services: Service options: On-site services,
Planning: Appointment required,

Name: M****** J******
Date: 2023-08-17 23:00:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Santiago is a friendly, caring professional who is easy to work with! Thank you for being so great.

Name: C**** P********
Date: 2023-04-21 21:48:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Angel Decker has been professional and personable and earned my business. My real estate agent requested that I return and work with her. So glad I did!

Name: B*************
Date: 2023-04-21 19:00:20
Rating: 5
Comment: Weve worked with Jennifer McDonald since Nov of 22. We were looking at the different builders in Palm Coast, and happened to walk into Mardonas office where Jennifer greeted us. We did not intend to go with Mardona, but she was insistent on helping us find a home that fit our unique needs. She took us to multiple locations that same day to see home options that were currently being built. As of this review, we are now about 8-9 months away from our home being completed, and were very excited. Jennifer is professional and takes her job very seriously. She seems to have pride in doing her job correctly and thus we are confident that we will get exactly what we want in our home.
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Name: S**** �**** R********
Date: 2023-04-20 23:35:26
Rating: 5
Comment: We had a wonderful experience with Maronda. Angel is our salesperson and she went above and beyond our expectations. She is kind and professional!

Name: M**** D*****
Date: 2023-02-05 00:37:26
Rating: 5
Comment: I’ve enjoyed eating at this restaurant. The owners are real nice and friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed the food. Go give it a try.

Name: S****** C
Date: 2022-12-06 09:44:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Very knowledgeable, and friendly. I hope to do business with them in the future.

Name: R**** U*****
Date: 2022-10-25 03:00:33
Rating: 4
Comment: Pleasant sales staff with several home designs and variations to offer.

Name: S***** D*******
Date: 2022-08-11 22:46:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Beth and I worked together & she is such a joy and pleasure to be around. She’s extremely honest, trust worthy and always goes above and beyond to help solve problems. She treats everyone she meets with so much care & respect that it’s always a delight to see & speak with her. I’ve seen her first hand working overtime to help existing customers get their questions answered & addressed. She’s the best in the business!

Name: A** I**** D****
Date: 2022-04-28 17:07:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Dennis Parsons at Maronda continues to provide the most up to date information that I can share with home buyers who want quality finishes and quality construction in highly desirable communities. He takes his time with buyers to explain the process and what to look for when buying and building new construction. He is also a friend to the animal rescue community and his care and committment shows. Thank you for always showcasing Palm Coast in its amazing light!

Name: A**** D*****
Date: 2022-04-25 19:49:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Working with Maronda Homes was a great overall experience. Especially Beth Eubank, she’s is so patient and knowledgeable. Very compassionate and caring about her customers as well as her product. She goes through every process with you with care and concern. Highly recommend Beth Eubank and Maronda Homes

Name: D****** B*****
Date: 2022-04-22 14:11:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Pleasure doing business with Beth Eubank!

Name: G****** D*****
Date: 2022-04-22 03:20:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Beth Eubank and the team at Maronda are amazing. They are always there to help answer any questions I have, and helpful through the whole build process. Building a homes is not easy, but Beth and the team do everything they can to keep you informed and well educated during the process. They are always professional and welcoming when you visit them at the model homes, and never turn you away or not willing to make time for you. I highly recommend Maronda Homes and especially Beth Eubank because Maronda wouldnt be who they are without her.

Name: D**** G****
Date: 2022-04-21 23:12:45
Rating: 5
Comment: My husband and I recently purchased a Maronda Home. Living in another state the construction process was different from other homes we had built and I wasnt sure what to expect. Throughout the construction we were kept up to date by our realtor Beth Eubank who emailed us pictures at each stage of completion and answered questions when we had them about delays. We are now enjoying the finished product and would encourage others shopping for a new home in Palm Coast to contact Beth Eubank and check them out.

Name: C****** G*****
Date: 2021-09-23 15:21:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful model home and wonderful people that work there. Brooke was extremely welcoming and friendly and was knowledgeable about all of the questions I asked regarding the home. I would 10/10 recommend this company and these sales people!!

Name: S**** H******
Date: 2021-09-20 11:55:00
Rating: 5
Comment: This is our first time buying new construction. Honestly dont know how we would have done it without Dennis! We are out of state and everything has been phone calls, email, Zoom, etc.Dennis is a true professional in every sense!Looking forward to our Livorno in Palm Coast next Fall!!!!

Name: D**** B*********
Date: 2021-09-18 13:44:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Dennis took his time to make sure we understood everything that will happen during the process and was great to deal with

Name: C******* R********
Date: 2021-09-17 20:07:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Brooke its amazing! She help us so much with the purchase of our first home. She answer all our questions and concerns. She is the best!

Name: K***** H*******
Date: 2021-09-17 14:14:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Steven D is wonderful to work with. When I take customers to him he is always professional and takes the time to go over everything with them. He is always responsive and helps with whatever the customer needs. Steven keeps everyone in the loop with the building process. I look forward to working more with Steven in the future.

Name: L***** B****** E**** & V****** F**** C****
Date: 2021-09-17 13:01:07
Rating: 5
Comment: I am a real estate agent and was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Steven Dennison. Its no exaggeration, but Ive never had a site agent that is as proactive in communication as Steven. He provides regular updates to both buyer and myself, and quickly responds to questions. New construction is a stressful time for buyers, but Steven understands that communication is key to client satisfaction.

Name: R*** H*****
Date: 2021-09-17 02:06:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Dennis Parsons helped us through our new home purchase from start to finish. Extremely honest & (most importantly) responsive. Great job team!!!!

Name: D*** C********
Date: 2021-09-16 23:54:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Brooke is helpful and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with.

Name: S**** S****
Date: 2021-09-16 23:53:24
Rating: 5
Comment: The model is soooo inviting - love the design. Great open concept. I will be bringing all my new home buyers to visit Brooke!

Name: k** c*****
Date: 2021-09-16 23:23:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Brooke is the best! Very knowledgeable and friendly. She knows her product inside and out. I know she will be very successful!

Name: D***** V******
Date: 2021-09-16 23:18:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Easy to work with and very responsive.

Name: B**** T*****
Date: 2021-09-16 22:56:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Dennis was a great help. I was pleasantly surprised with the model and the great value it had. He was such a nice man and was very help to the last detail. We would highly recommend him and Maronda Homes to anyone that is looking.

Name: A***** W*****
Date: 2021-09-16 22:54:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Great experience working with Dennis of Maronda Homes in Palm Coast, FL. He has been a pleasure to work with, available for questions when needed, and knowledgeable of the real estate industry & Maronda. Our build process has been smooth while working with Dennis and would highly recommend him for your new build needs.

Name: S** H******
Date: 2021-09-16 22:51:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Brooke was so helpful and knowledgeable. She was able to answer all of my questions and was very professional. If you’re looking for a new home look no further- and make sure you ask for Brooke!

Name: A*** V*****
Date: 2021-07-22 19:20:43
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice homes

Name: t***** t*****
Date: 2021-07-01 20:33:58
Rating: 5
Comment: We truthfully had a great experience with Maronda. Dennis was our salesman and we feel he went above and beyond our expectations. What a great guy, he is kind and professional! The whole process was smooth and the quality of build right on! John was the GC, he was on top of it all. We have already recommended Maronda. When we first moved here we did not have a good feeling about them and therefore built with another company. We are very glad we built this home with Maronda. Great job all around

Name: T**** S****
Date: 2021-04-27 17:04:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Maranda is amazing. Steven does an amazing job every step of the way. Can’t say enough good things about them! One or palm coast best home builders

Name: c***** s*******
Date: 2021-04-27 11:53:56
Rating: 5
Comment: We have had a great experience with Maronda Homes, thus far. We are still in the early phases of our new construction; however, Beth has been very delightful to work with and ensures we are satisfied and she goes beyond what is expected to help us through the building process.

Name: C*** V******
Date: 2021-04-26 14:28:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Steven Dennison is a very pleasant agent to work with. He helped facilitate a deal between my buyers and they could not stop raving about the quality and professionalism Moranda Homes offers. I will definitely refer all my buyers who are looking for new construction to Moranda Homes! Thanks again Steven, you’re the man!

Name: A***** G*******
Date: 2021-02-24 09:40:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome

Name: J******* H******
Date: 2021-02-08 23:02:55
Rating: 4
Comment: We just started the process to build our first home with Maronda! Steven D. has been amazing! He was knowledgeable to answer all of our questions and not pushy at all. He’s always quick to respond to me even when I happen to catch him on his day off :) So far things have been great, we have a long way to go through this so time will tell but so far very pleased! The only thing I wish they would do is allow buyers to pay cash for some upgrades. We would have upgraded more if we did not have to wrap them into our mortgage. That is the only reason for the 4 stars.

Name: G****** F*****
Date: 2020-10-11 21:57:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Great experience

Name: R***** T****
Date: 2020-04-10 17:21:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Very happy so far with the process - will see when the building process starts if the consistency remains at a high level.

Name: D**** R** R**** C******
Date: 2019-11-12 23:14:24
Rating: 5
Comment: To close together and far and wide apart from other places

Name: E***** E****
Date: 2019-08-01 03:51:20
Rating: 4
Comment: I live in one of the homes

Name: C**** M*****
Date: 2019-06-20 10:42:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Great

Name: S******* K*****
Date: 2019-06-10 18:18:19
Rating: 5
Comment: New home buyers overall amazing! We love our home! We did not really have anyone from maronda homes through the last couple months.

Name: B****** A******
Date: 2019-04-08 15:13:02
Rating: 4
Comment: Love my new home! Lisa was awesome and the process was straight forward. I am very happy with Maronda as my new home choice!

Name: C******** W****
Date: 2019-01-08 02:34:59
Rating: 5
Comment: I absolutely Love my Marinda home Holly our construction manager was excellent . Words cannot convey our happiness with the entire process from sales to settlement thank you so much.

Name: E***** S*******
Date: 2018-10-14 23:44:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Darren is awesome! He really helped and went above and beyond.

Name: B****** A******
Date: 2018-06-05 19:16:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Lisa is super! Very informative! Homes are beautiful and well built. Good quality for money. Very comfortable with home buying process and looking forward to our new home

Name: T***** F********
Date: 2017-12-11 15:41:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Buying and building our first home with Maronda was a great experience! From Lisa in sales to Darren the contractor and Kevin at FBC bank down to Ralf closing. Everyone was super professional, informative and kind! Our new home is gorgeous and well made with great warranties! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to build with Maronda!

Name: H**** T**
Date: 2017-08-08 22:12:10
Rating: 4
Comment: I like my floor plans of Maronda HomesProcesses and time frame are good on time for closing as planned.

Name: M****** C*****
Date: 2017-07-07 14:15:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Exciting

Name: M*** A******
Date: 2017-07-05 23:49:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Very informative and a relaxing environment. The representative was very knowledgeable about the entire process. And what she didnt know, she didnt elaborate on and found out the answer for my wife and I.