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Name: J****** M****
Date: 2023-11-03 19:32:04
Rating: 5
Comment: This company has been by far heaven sent to say the least. Mr. Showalter and his office staff have been extremely helpful in all areas and aspects of the business. Showalter Construction & Restoration, LLC has so much knowledge, professionalism and positive insight in the business and they have been kind enough to have shared it with us. Showalter has been a strong aid in the growing of our business. We as First Choice Sod have gained knowledge and expertise from this business relationship. Mr. Showalter is not someone who is just in it to win it for himself, he wholeheartedly desires to help those who work with him to progress with him and his business. He has certainly set a high standard for any of our future relationships. I highly encourage you to look no further for any restoration and construction projects you have. This is the place to find “A” quality work for a reasonable price.

Name: N*** W
Date: 2023-10-12 17:17:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Great working with Mr Showalter and his team. Great customer service and professional.

Name: B****** H*****
Date: 2023-10-09 18:47:31
Rating: 5
Comment: The wife and I were scrambling to find a contractor who would take on our project as it happened just after a hurricane hit the area. We came across the Showalter team and were glad we did as the quality of work they expect and perform is worth any delays or waiting. Our project took about a year which wasnt ideal but we understand when it comes to construction and other unforeseen events along with making sure the project gets done right, there will be delays. Dont hesitate to give them a call!
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Name: M**** K************
Date: 2023-07-25 15:00:41
Rating: 5
Comment: I recently had a refrigerator leak in my kitchen, resulting in water damage to my floors and cabinets. I contacted Showalter and they were out assessing my damage within the hour, even though it was a Saturday morning. The owner, Robert Showalter, was extremely sensitive to my emotional state and immediately put me at ease. He took the time to explain the entire process to me, from emergency mitigation, the claims process, and what would be needed to make our home whole again.He arranged for the emergency mitigation services to begin immediately. His crew was polite, efficient, friendly and a pleasure to work with. While I was out of town they stayed in close contact and made sure to update me every time they serviced the drying equipment.As someone who was never had a homeowners insurance claim before, I cannot express the gratitude I have for Roberts assistance in this process. He is extremely knowledgeable in the insurance process, and either he or his project manager has been present at every meeting Ive had with the adjuster or subcontractor to make sure nothing is overlooked. Our kitchen is a custom build, so having someone who knows what it will take to replace it has been of the utmost importance. And Robert and his team are up for the task.I cannot thank the Showalter team enough for the work they have done so far and what will be done as we move through this process. They often remark that they are here to not just get the work done, but to make my home whole again. And I have all the confidence in the world that they will do just that.

Name: J*** M****
Date: 2023-04-17 02:45:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Showalter does a great job. When we called the office the owner himself showed up to our house. He went through the whole process of how everything would work and walked us through everything. Incredible attention to detail, very transparent about what to expect. You’re going to want to trust this company to take care of your house.

Name: B***** S****
Date: 2023-02-08 16:13:16
Rating: 4
Comment: Top notch, professional, patient and supportive throughout the 4 yrs. of claim settlement with insurance company. Good work done immediately following hurricane damage to home.

Name: Z****** �****** A***
Date: 2022-10-17 00:12:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Am a Jack of all Trades, But am smart enough to know when its time to hire a TRUE professional team with the experience and equipment to handle any size job. They made the process of water mitigation a simple step buy step process. They defined goals and achieved them on-time on budget.We went from being overwhelmed and distort to have a plan and a team player to see us through the process. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!

Name: L**** C*******
Date: 2022-05-20 13:34:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Showalter Construction is the best! I have been working with Robert and cannot say enough about his help with appraisal services and communicating with my insurance company. Everything has been smooth and well planned. Communication is great with Robert and his office staff, Thea and Mitzi. My emails are answered promptly and completely.The initial packing and moving of my things to other areas of my home for staging was amazing. I have no idea how Sean and his team were able to stage my furniture, boxes, and appliances neatly and accessibility to my refrigerator was a bonus! So much work was completed in 3 days and everything was handled with care and courtesy. The entire team I have met and spoken to so far have been friendly and considerate. Thank you!

Name: J**** K****
Date: 2022-04-27 02:02:46
Rating: 5
Comment: We recently had a house fire with water damage. The stress of displacement and loss were monumental in addition to the task of following up with our insurance company and hiring a contractor. Initially, we contacted several contractors. Some said no, they dont do business with insurance or they could not start any time soon. Our insurance company mentioned Paul Davis and Servpro. Servpro told us we did not really need to get other estimates and they wanted us to agree to sign a contract prior to an inspection. Paul Davis failed to follow up after their initial inspection and delayed the process by not providing an estimate in the time frame promised. Having no experience in these matters that specifically related to fire damage, we did due diligence in researching a qualified contractor licensed, skilled and professional who is fully capable of restoring our house to its original condition. We were referred to Showalter Construction by Lightning Restoration - not our insurance company. Robert Showalter quickly responded and met with us after hours to go over everything in detail. He patiently answered all our questions. In addition to the tedious nuisances in negotiating with our insurance company, he relieved us of the burden in these matters, insisting that we not experience additional stress. On our behalf, he has communicated directly with our insurance company in a respectful and informed fashion. In a timely manner, he provided us and our insurance company with a detailed scope of work which included excellent photos. Robert has proven to be totally honest and knowledgeable in the full scope of these matters. He has educated us to the process of making our home safe and fully restored following a fire. There are laws governing the safety and coding requirements for a home and for people making the repairs. We respect Robert for providing safety to all even though it increases cost. It should be noted, our insurance company never alerted us to these special conditions/requirements. Robert Showalter DOES NOT do business that way....he will only rehab the right law.... responsibly, correctly and safely for the homeowner and his crew. Our insurance company had initially provided us with a report and check. The report we had received from our insurance company was not complete. Subsequent to Roberts scope of work, our insurance has so far paid three times what they initially paid. We are now in the midst of having our home restored and Robert is very hands on in the process. We are very pleased with our experience with Robert Showalter as well as his office staff. Mitzi, Becki and Ashley have all been very kind and helpful. We highly recommend Showalter Construction. Review and recommendation from Joyce and Sigmon Klein.

Name: B** K****
Date: 2022-04-27 01:42:46
Rating: 5
Comment: This is my second experience hiring Showalter Construction & Restoration, LLC. I was so pleased Robert Showalter was available for the job. It was such a relief!I recently had a house fire and had to leave my home while repairs were being made. Any displacement from your home is very stressful. Dealing with all the aspects of insurance claims/adjusters can also be stressful and confusing. On my behalf, Robert communicated directly with my insurance company relieving me of any additional stress. He provided me and my insurance company with a detailed scope of work and included an excellent scan of the home as well as photos. Robert has proven to be totally honest and knowledgeable in the full scope of these matters. He is very informed with the process of making your home clean and safe following a fire.Robert is very hands on and he wasted no time to begin work on restoring my home. I stopped in several times and he was always on top of everything and actually doing the work as well. The afternoon of my fire, he stayed into the night making sure I was taken care of before he left.Robert was great with communication, keeping me frequently informed of how the work was progressing. He answered any and all questions without hesitation. Phone calls were answered or returned right away. I also observed he readily communicated with his crew by phone if he was not on site and any issues arose.Also during this time, I had an unpleasant and very stressful experience with a local Airbnb. Although the Airbnb issue was not part of their restoration work, the staff with Showalter Construction was so helpful in assisting me with getting the documents I needed to try and resolve the Airbnb issue (Thank you Ashley! And thank you Mitzi for watching after my cat while we worked on this!) Robert also worked to expedite the repairs so I could return home as soon as possible due to being unable to remain safely at the Airbnb.My home is now very clean and free of smoke/chemical odors and repairs were completed as promised. They take pride in their work and give attention to details. I am very pleased with my experience with Robert Showalter as well as his office staff and work crew. Robert and his team were very supportive throughout the entire time. They go above and beyond to help you through all aspects of the process. I highly recommend Showalter Construction.

Name: B** D***
Date: 2021-05-10 18:37:14
Rating: 5
Comment: It has been about 8 years since I have contacted Robert, at Showwalter’s Construction and he remembered exactly who I was. He immediately answered questions I had concerning a tax issue in the sale of my home. No he did not do my taxes LOL but he is so honest and up to date on a lot of issues I called him for an answer I needed. Showwalter’s Construction is the best Company when it comes to anything in your home. Thank you Robert for being the person you are !!

Name: S**** C*****
Date: 2021-02-17 13:09:56
Rating: 5
Comment: The team at Showalter restoration did not fail to deliver. The team executed on all of their commitments, and made the process of restoration seem easy. Their attention to detail is like none I’ve seen before, they treated my home like it was theirs.If you have a construction & restoration need, I highly recommend that you put your trust in the Showalter team, they will deliver for you too.

Name: R***** C*****
Date: 2021-01-21 18:15:22
Rating: 5
Comment: The Showalter team has been a great partner through my kitchen issues.We initially contacted them upon noticing a problem with our sink drain. After receiving our call, they immediately began to take action in order to mitigate the continuation of the problem. In conjunction with mitigation, they partnered with us as we initiated the insurance process. Through this process, they help interpret documents and contacted insurance directly to help address questions that they were better suited to answer than we were. They made a daunting insurance process feel painless.Now that physical labor has begun, their great partnership has continued. The office staff has kept me well informed on the process and timing. The Project Manager has been a tremendous professional, and a true joy to work with. And last but not least, the crew. The crew has been great. Very professional, extremely efficient, and took painstaking measures to care for my home as the work began.As we move forward to wrap up the work, I am beyond pleased with the entire Showalter team and I would highly recommend them.

Name: C D******
Date: 2020-04-17 01:49:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Was referred to Mr Showalter 2016 when I experience a water leak in my garage that damage my kitchen and living room. Three jobs and over 5 yrs later, I am still amazed at Mr Showalter and his entire team professionalism and exemplary work ethics.Amazing company to work with. They will work with you, through every step of the way. if I had a question or concern I could always pick up the phone or send an email and one of his helpful office staff would get back to me right away.Showalter is very knowledgeable in all areas of construction and will work diligently to get the job done. They’ve continued to be the trustworthy company that they are and I’m looking forward to see the completion of this new project.

Name: L**** L****
Date: 2020-03-03 17:16:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Robert Showalter is great at what he does! Definitely Customer service at its finest.Thanks Robert for doing what you do with the best of intentions for your customers.Definitely recommend for all your home or business restorations.

Name: S*** H****
Date: 2019-09-18 20:16:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Great and professional people, straight to the point, no games, will work for you to get things done, hire them, theyre like you and me, real people. The owner himself, took the time to reach out to my family to make sure things are getting done right and to check on us.

Name: c**** l*******
Date: 2019-09-10 01:12:48
Rating: 5
Comment: As we reach the 65% completion point of our rebuild after Hurricane Michael devastated our home, I felt it necessary to review the work of Robert Showalter and the Showalter Construction team. My desire to write this review is not one that developed because I was asked, but because I think it’s necessary to share with others what I’ve seen and experienced from this company and it’s employees. I’m not seeking or receiving favors nor monetary advantages through the publishing of reviews. Simply put, I was raised and taught that you should thank people for a job well done; this is the forum in which I seek to do just that.During our almost weekly facetime session with Robert to go over the progress of the property, it’s clearly evident that no detail has been spared with this project. Robert and his team have done an outstanding job not only repairing the structure of the home, but taking the extra steps to ensure that the home has added bracing which is well above what is required even by the updated building code. While Robert calls it “overbuilding,” I call it doing it right. My focus with Robert and his team from the start was that I didn’t want it done fast, but I wanted it done right--right is exactly what I’ve seen thus far.I look forward to the finishing stages of the project where Robert’s team will shine as much as they already have. Robert has left no stone unturned, and I’m certain that the Showalter Construction team will continue with the same, unrivaled service. Words cannot express how thankful I am for Robert and his team. He’s not the contractor that repairs a house, he rebuilds homes. If you are looking for your home to be re-built, don’t settle for someone less than Showalter Construction.

Name: C***** L***
Date: 2019-06-25 20:08:40
Rating: 5
Comment: I was introduced to Showalter Construction through a very good friend. Since being reassigned in the Air Force I have done nothing but worry about my home in Panama City. I am so happy with their practices revolving around communication, ethics, and priorities. Their whole team is A+, and I just can not say enough good things about them!! Leave it to Mr. Showalter, and it will get done, no questions asked, so if you are looking for an amazing company that values their customers, look no further!

Name: M*** L****
Date: 2019-06-15 03:33:59
Rating: 5
Comment: Robert and his team from Showalter Construction have stood by me throughout the entire process of picking up the pieces and starting the recovery from Cat 5 hurricane Michael without wavering or ever making me feel like they had abandoned me.Showalter Construction was very fast in the initial days after the storm in getting a tarp on my home to prevent any further water damage caused by additional storm activity. Robert and his team continued to closely follow the dehumidifying of my home and ensured that my property was treated with anti-mold chemicals numerous times to prevent any possibility of mold forming after the removal of my damaged insulation without additional charge to me for the extra man hours or materials that were used to make this extra effort.Now as I wait for the rebuilding of my home Robert has remained a positive encouragement throughout this difficult process. Having experienced the catastrophic ordeal of losing my home, I am very grateful to have the knowledge, experience, and professional support that Robert and his team have brought to the recovery effort after Michael.Unfortunately, months later I have neighbors that did not have someone like Robert or his team to advise them throughout their recovery. They have discovered after their roof was repaired that the water damage they sustained from the storm was worse than they had been told and now they must go back through their homes and rebuild areas that they thought were undamaged. Thankfully Robert laid out a clear plan for me of what I needed to do to best overcome this disaster. By doing so I have avoided these same pitfalls.Robert Showalter has been a man of his word and Showalter Construction has been reliable and trustworthy throughout this entire situation. Without a doubt if I had not called Showalter Construction after the storm my situation would be desperate at this point. I know that I can depend on Showalter Construction to be here throughout my recovery from hurricane Michael and once the rebuild begins I know that it will be done correctly.

Name: C**** L*******
Date: 2019-06-05 01:44:08
Rating: 5
Comment: On October 10th 2018, a category 5 hurricane nearly destroyed our home in Panama City, FL. I was deployed during the time of the hurricane and could only imagine what was left of our home back in the states. I arrived in the local area on October 16th to find a badly damaged home and was in disbelief. Like many, this was my first encounter with a natural disaster, much less one this large. We had already heard horror stories of contractors moving into the area preying on unsuspecting homeowners, so we were extremely skeptical before hiring anyone to do work for us.If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what happened with Showalter and how we were treated. I found Showalter construction through a list of approved contractors that our city had vetted. I decided to meet with Robert, the owner. Robert explained to me that he was prior military and ensured he had our best interests in mind. You have to remember that Showalter construction came into our lives at a very vulnerable time in our lives. Not only had I came from one war zone to another, I had no clue how to proceed, who to trust, or even what step was next.I told Robert that he was either an outstanding human being, or he was a well prepared con-artist. He chuckled and continued to ensure me that he would take care of us. Showalter Construction has done an OUTSTANDING job of doing just that. He linked me with a public adjuster which I will address in a separate review below. We are only complete with the first stage of debris removal, property preservation, and the initial phase of property reconstruction.To date, I have Facetime’d with Robert multiple times while he has been at the property. Since I’m no longer located in the area due to a move mandated by the military, Robert has went to extra lengths to ensure every step was completed meticulously and with the highest standard. He doesn’t treat homes as they are just another site, he treats them as if they are his.Finally, if you are searching for a contractor because you are in a similar situation to what I was, stop! You will not find a better company than Showalter Construction. It’s going to make you feel uneasy to put what you have worked so hard for in someone else’s hands. Showalter Construction, under the watchful eye of Robert Showalter, is the company that you need. It’s hard to trust people nowadays, but please know that by hiring Showalter, you’ll be taken care of.

Name: A**** A*******
Date: 2019-05-07 23:05:01
Rating: 5
Comment: You wrote a review for Showalter Construction 2 days ago5.0 star rating 5/5/2019The damage to our daughters home was heartbreaking and we attempted to contact multiple builders for quotes after having contacted our insurance provider. Of the two that responded to our requests to see what would need repairs, Showalter Construction appeared to be the most knowledgeable and confident in helping us make the repairs and was eager to reach out to our insurance carrier.It was a lengthy project, but Showalter Construction was great in providing the needed communication and worked diligently with our insurance carrier to get the job completed right.The house looks great once again and the work went extremely well. Most every detail has been taken care of and Showalter has proven trustworthy as they were extremely committed to helping us through the restoration project to the very end.

Name: C***
Date: 2019-05-06 21:11:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Our home suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Michael when it ripped a section of our roof decking completely off, leaving the interior exposed to wind and rain from what has now been designated as a category 5 storm. The third most powerful to hit the U.S. in recorded history.After the storm, my wife and I were in shock and disbelief by all the destruction the storm had caused to our area and our home. Realizing our house had suffered extensive water damage to almost every room of the house due to the 155+ mph winds blowing rain through the large hole in the roof, I knew it would only be a matter of time before the damage would get worse when the mold started to grow.I immediately started looking for someone that could get our house dried out before anymore damage was caused from the wet drywall and carpet. Throughout my internet search, the name Showalter Construction and Restoration kept coming up as highly rated by others that had used them. I gave their office a call and set up a meeting. A couple days later the owner of the company, Robert showed up at my door.By this time I was under a lot of stress and very suspicious of anyone I did not know because I had already heard of stories of others being taken advantage of.Robert could tell I was very suspicious, but he understood why someone in my position would be. He took the time to explain the process to me and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I was hoping to hire him to do both our water mitigation and our rebuild later on, but at the time he informed me that they were only here for the mitigations. I went ahead and hired him because I was impressed by his knowledge, professionalism, and honesty.A couple days later his crew was at my house doing there job, removing everything that had been damaged by the water, and setting up dehumidifiers to remove any remaining moisture, followed by applying a mold inhibiting chemical to the exposed wood. About a week later they were finished, and the leader of the mitigation crew gave me a full report of what they had done, and answered all my questions for me. I was very pleased knowing that I would not have to worry about mold growing but anxious and worried because I was going to have to go through the stressful process of finding a different contractor I could trust to do the repairs on my house.Fast forward a couple weeks, and i get an email telling me that Showalter Construction had decided to do a limited number of rebuilds and asked me if I was still interested in hiring them to do mine. Of course i was and i immediately set up a meeting. Again Robert Showalter himself showed up to talk to me and answer all my questions about the rebuild. He was very open and honest. He did not sugarcoat anything or make promises to me that he wasnt positive he could keep. He was very up front in telling me that it could be a long process getting all the ducks in a row to get to the point of starting repairs on the house, and he was right, but that was because my insurance carrier has been dragging their feet and no fault of Showalter.Robert called me last Friday to inform me that he and his crews would be heading up Monday (the day I am writing this) to begin repairs to my house and several others in the area. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Everything he has promised up to now has come true. I look forward to the repairs being completed on our home so I can post another review of that phase.

Name: J****** K****
Date: 2019-05-04 14:39:53
Rating: 5
Comment: We contacted Showalter after Hurricane Michael for mitigation initally and then rebuilding. Robert was prompt on answering questions and explaining the process. His team has been great to work with for demolition and dry out. We are about to begin the rebuild process. This whole situation has been trying in more ways than can be explained. Glad to have them working with us! They have been proffesional and reassuring during this whole mess! Looking forward to getting back to normal.

Name: J*** B***
Date: 2019-04-19 17:52:43
Rating: 5
Comment: Trusting Showalter Construction and Restoration was the best thing our family could have done after such a traumatic event. They’re skillful, thorough, and make customer care paramount!Showalter Construction & Restoration has been going above-and-beyond in helping my parents after Hurricane Michael in October. They are fully licensed and insured to accomplish every task, and have earned the trust and confidence of everyone in our family. Theyre transparent with every task and provide realistic expectations so there are no surprises.We did multiple searches for help, looking at price, location, reviews, et cetera, and Showalter was consistently near the top of every search. We contacted a few companies for estimates to do dry-out / saturation mitigation, demo, roof work, and reconstruction, and Showalter was the only company that had all the right credentials, could be available in a reasonable time, and was clear about their techniques and limitations. Robert arrived a couple days after we called to assess the damage to the house & property. He impressed us by communicating consistently and answering ALL our questions. Though he had other clients, he made my parents feel like they were his only concern.Robert took the time to explain the whole claims process from start to finish and how his services are applied within that process, and the details that are rarely discussed like the mental stress my parents should expect to face at times. Only after he was sure we understood the concept of each step did he discuss dollars. Robert was not pushy, rather he was realistic with the payment of the project as another step in the process. His goal was obvious; to educate my parents on the operation as a whole and ensure their trust and comfort with the process regardless of whomever did the work. After a traumatic event like this hurricane, Robert Showalter’s assessment proved to be therapeutic for my parents just as his work is efficient.Showalter and his team made a great effort to communicate and provide rational and reasonable expectations. The entire crew are some of the most professional people I’ve ever encountered. Their team worked so competently & diligently that the process may be quicker than previously imagined, which is great because the sooner the house is fixed the better!Other companies have been vague or ambiguous with their process and pricing, and public records now show many of those companies were simply a shady practice wishing to steal people’s money. The Showalter Team is transparent; everything they communicated has been proven true, and he was honest every step of the way.As my parents said, “We’re glad we chose Showalter take care of our home!”

Name: S****** W*******
Date: 2018-12-01 18:43:01
Rating: 4
Comment: We requested an assessment from Showalter Construction after roof damage from Hurricane Michael caused water damage in ceilings and floors. Robert was very polite and answered all questions. He did not request any money nor hound us regarding services. His assessment was very forthright and he was willing to do work only if allowed by the adjuster. No upfront money or payment in advance was requested. No pressure to engage him right away. This in contrast to another company that was very very insistent regarding upfront money and wanted to tear out carpet and ceilings.

Name: H W******
Date: 2018-11-04 22:03:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Showalter Construction is amazing company. Their entire staff is very professional. If you are considering using a company during the clean up from Hurricane Michael or for any other reason, please dont heistate to call them. Robert never asked for any money up front and they did an amazing job.I am not very trusting of contractors, but Robert went above and beyond taking the time to explain the process to me. As he can attest, he spent A LOT of time with me as I was very hesitant to sign an AOB. I did not have to worry long as they have shown nothing but professionalism throughout this entire process. I have heard many horror stories from people who used other companies and we have been blessed to have chosen Showalter. Truly a stand up company that you can depend upon.

Name: A*
Date: 2018-10-24 02:57:26
Rating: 5
Comment: I am writing this review before the work is complete!! The reason I am doing this is that the professionalism shown me by Robert and his team; both at the field and at the office is second to none. I am a victim of hurricane michael and Mother Nature was pissed!! My house took a significant hit; although better than some, it is inhabitable and will be that way for a while. Robert and his team walked me through what to expect, good bad and the ugly. They assured me that I was in good hands and I have to admit I truly feel comfortable with this team. They are honest, down to earth and have a sense of humor which during a time of disaster like this humor helps to keep things in perspective. On another note that is important to me, dealing with customer service thought out my career, I can say without hesitation that Showalter treats you like they actually give a damn and that they do not take your business for granted. I would recommend to anyone that is in need of restoration work to give them a try. I plan to give another review after the work is done & I have no doubt that it will be as stellar as the pre-complete post. God bless Al

Name: D**** S***********
Date: 2018-10-23 02:56:51
Rating: 5
Comment: I contacted Robert Showalter approximately one week after our home was flooded from Hurricane Florence. Robert promptly met with me within two hours of my initial call. After going through the home and discussing the necessary demolition and process for dehumidifying, I was confident I had found the right person. He had a team on site within a day, completed the demolition within two days, and the house was entirely dried out within his established timeline of five days. Robert was on site throughout the entire project, and his project managers, David and Mike, came by the home around the clock to check on the equipment and job progress. I give Showalter Construction my highest endorsement for any home requiring flood remediation!!

Name: E*** G********
Date: 2018-09-29 16:01:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Showalter Construction was a Godsend for me; most likely providence. I had contacted all the major national flood recovery companies to mitigate my flood damage from Hurricane Florence and only 1 of 4 returned a call. And that company never followed up with a visit and dropped me like I was a nobody. Showalter showed up at my doorstep and Robert introduced himself and began to educate me on the requirements for mitigating the flood damage and all the steps that are necessary. He made me feel like a somebody. He is so well versed in this knowledge that it was a little scary and intimidating....especially for me, an engineer. I would expect that 99% of homeowners are not knowledgeable to know the requirements and steps required and the lack of knowledge and the high cost of mitigation makes it very hard to sign your name to a contract. I will admit I had major reservations before and after signing with Showalter; but Robert and his crew won me over with their professionalism, kindness, courtesy, respect, and most importantly their respect of my damaged home. Their work ethic was top notch and the care to salvage what they could was impressive. They have the best equipment and it shows in that they care for their equipment via maintenance and purchase of top of the line equipment. All of their people were professional, well kept, and always willing to answer questions or even help me with work I was doing to recover the value of my property. Please do not hesitate to use them. In my crisis, they were able to bring expectations that normality would return and that indeed there will be another bright day for my home and my property. 5 Star Review for a 5 Star effort. Bottom line, you get what you pay for and I know I got the value I expected from Robert and his crew.

Name: R***** G**** I*
Date: 2018-05-10 18:11:58
Rating: 5
Comment: We are extremely pleased with the professionalism and exemplary work completed by Robert Showalter and his team. We had a situation in our kitchen where we experienced water damage from a defect in our dishwasher. We had Robert Showalter come out to scope the work, and present the insurance company with a quote for the repairs that needed to be done. Mr. Showalter was very accommodating in that he worked around my schedule to meet at our home and complete his work. When our insurance company pushed back on the estimate, he helped us to find a public adjuster. I am very pleased with the work the Showalter Construction put into helping us, and would highly recommend them.

Name: K******* C****
Date: 2018-04-23 13:23:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Great people and great crew in the office and on the job. Always helpful, and always informative and thorough throught all processes of building/demo.

Name: J*** A********
Date: 2018-04-10 15:36:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Showalter Construction is amazing. I have been working with their team for the last 8 months, from my home in New Jersey. My parents had a flood in their home in July and Showalter construction has been working with myself and the insurance company trying to put the house back together for my 85 year old parents who have been displaced for the last 8 months. Their staff is professional, dependable and extremely trustworthy. I cant say enough about Robert & his team, who have went above and beyond on this project. Also Project Manager David has been wonderful. Mitzi the office manager is just amazing. I have called her almost twice a week or more for the last 8 months and she is always plesant and extremely helpful. She updates me each week or progress of the project. I would highly recommend them for any project. THey are wonderful to work with.Joan Alexander

Name: M*******
Date: 2018-03-19 12:57:53
Rating: 5
Comment: My story is the same as a lot of others. After Hurricane Irma, my insurance company sent me a check that would not have even made a dent in the cost of repairs. After getting my own estimates and not the one from their(Ins Company) fly by night after market adjusters they used, I realized I was in trouble. After hearing my story, a local contractor I know recommended I speak with Robert Showalter. They took my problem in hand and have been very proffessional all the way. They keep you informed on all the steps they take and since then I have recieved two more checks from insurance and the repairs should be soon on their way. You cant fight the big companies alone. Robert and his staff are very knowledgable on the ways of the insurance companies and can talk the talk. Be patient as it takes time due to the insurance companies dragging their feet but it will work out.

Name: R****** M*******
Date: 2018-03-02 22:59:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Great people to work with. they work with you every step of the way, and communicate with you throughout the process. The office staff is helpful and always ready to answer any questions.

Name: M*** B***
Date: 2018-03-02 15:35:01
Rating: 5
Comment: I have found the staff at Showalter Construction very knowledgeable and confident in their approach to my circumstances. I would recommend their services to my family and friends.

Name: V**** V
Date: 2018-02-18 04:26:06
Rating: 5
Comment: During a time of disaster, the last thing an individual should have to do is fight against the greed of wealthy corporations; therefore, it is a godsend that Showalter Construction exists. This professional company becomes that entity in your corner that not only helps you navigate the bureaucracy, but also fights to get you what you are contractually due. During my experience, I recognize how Showalter Construction has been vital in helping me return my property to its pre-hurricane condition. Also, the personal touch of being able to frequently communicate with Robert, Ashley, and Mitzi has been a blessing, and there is no doubt in my mind that my peace of mind is their priority.

Name: K***** D**
Date: 2018-02-17 20:44:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Robert and his team are very professional! They know what they are doing and always did everything top notch

Name: S**** L*****
Date: 2018-01-12 14:51:41
Rating: 5
Comment: I moved into a home and later found out that some restoration work had been performed. After some investigative work on my end I found out that Showalter Construction had done the work. I reached out to their office with many questions. The office manager, Mitzi, was very nice and promised to have the owner, contact me. He did, and went out of his way to explain the work that was done. He even provided product information to me which was very helpful. Nice to know that there are businesses out there that care about people, even if not an actual customer.

Name: B*** T****
Date: 2017-11-03 01:08:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Great company to work with!

Name: k**** g******
Date: 2017-11-02 19:36:27
Rating: 5
Comment: I was very pleased with the work completed by Robert Showalter and his team. They were very professional and their work was outstanding. I am glad that I trusted his team! True professionals

Name: P****** P****
Date: 2017-10-23 01:06:23
Rating: 5
Comment: During Hurricane Irma I lost a good portion of my roof, including two bedrooms and a garage. Showalter Construction and Restoration is not a little run by operation. This is a professional team. Not only did they take the stress from me when it came to dealing with the insurance company and the steps to take in the process, but they went above and beyond to help my family and me feel comfortable. They were helpful in finding us a temporary home and being open and honest about the whole process. Not only did Robert have a good and professional team. He was there through the whole process. This company was on time, efficient and legitimately made me feel like they had my best interests in mind. You can tell this company cares about their clients. I would definitely recommend this business to friends and family.

Name: R***** S*****
Date: 2017-06-19 13:18:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Parents home caught on fire, Showalter Construction Co was outstanding through this tough time. The owner Robert helped assist me with my parents information regarding the process for the home repairs. He gave time line to fix everything and even assisted with attorneys information. I would recommend Showalter to anyone that is experiencing any disaster recovery events for their home or business. Great job! In addition Robert will walk home owners through the entire process of repair work and ensure everyone understands and he is open for any addition questions. Robert stands by his work and his teams work. He inspects every detail of work.

Name: C****** Y*****
Date: 2016-09-18 13:37:36
Rating: 5
Comment: September 2016We had a pipe break in our laundry room on a Saturday afternoon in late April 2016. The house shut off valve broke and we were unable to locate the main shut off that was underground. The water ran into our house for several hours and flooded the majority of our home. Robert Showalter came highly recommended by the water extraction company and Robert was at our house late Saturday evening to inspect the damage.He prepared a detailed proposal and worked directly with our insurance company for approval. This was a long process from start to approval. He and his staff kept us updated on every issue during this time. They handled the entire process with our insurance company which took a lot of stress and time off our backs.His proposal was finally approved and reconstruction started in early August 2016. We had been living on concrete floors until this time. The entire job was completed by his crew in about a week. We ended up with a complete paint job on all rooms, new flooring (laminate, vinyl and carpeting) and new baseboards. All of the kitchen cabinets and both bathroom vanities were replaced. The crew was very professional, courteous, helpful and worked around us so we were able to live in our home during the entire process. Cant say enough good things about the crew!The end result is wonderful! Everything was done as promised. Our house looks better than before the incident. We would highly recommend Showalter Construction to anyone that is considering a reconstruction due to damage.Chuck & Pam YeagerLake Wales, FL

Name: D*** A
Date: 2016-06-02 19:01:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Robert & his staff were by far the most outstanding people Ive ever had to consult with. After purchasing a home, we sustained a major water leak that left us clueless as to what to do next. Showalter was recommended to us & that was the best decision we could have made. Robert went above & beyond to let us know step by step what would occur & also what to expect. He assured me that everything would be perfect & it was! In a time of need such as that, it was a true blessing to have such wonderful people assisting us every step of the way. I cannot express my gratitude enough!

Name: T***** F*******
Date: 2016-04-28 13:38:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Showalter Construction handled my entire extensive remodel (insurance, inspectors, mortgage company, work crews, everyone) after a dishwasher leak. Robert was at the house a lot checking the work out; hes a perfectionist! His office staff are so kind and courteous. I appreciated the way the crews cleaned up completely each day, were professional, and excellent in their respective fields. They turned a nightmare into a blessing. My remodeled kitchen and adjoining rooms are absolutely gorgeous, like something out of a magazine!

Name: D** A*******
Date: 2015-11-06 12:15:52
Rating: 5
Comment: A GREAT WAS JOB DONE. After having a pipe break inside a wall and flooding 5 rooms I was referred to Showalter Construction. After their initial inspection to repair things, I was impressed at how they took control of processing things. They not only did great work, they also took over dealing with the insurance adjusters and negotiations with them. I will not hesitate to refer them!!

Name: D** L*******
Date: 2015-10-16 19:00:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Ive had Robert and crew respond twice to claims Ive had to have worked at my home. Great guys, quality work and Robert is an ethical and honest guy. Use these guys if you need this kind of work done. They go the extra mile.Don LBrandon, Fl