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FAS3 Elects New Officers for 2015-17

Monday, December 15th, 2014 by Jim Flynn

The election of officers was conducted at the Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists' General Membership meeting in December.

The new FAS3 officers for the two-year term of 2015-17 are as follows:

President - Frank Vitale
Vice President - Ted Smith
Secretary - Jim Collier
Treasurer - Chad Dudeck

Vitale, who spent the last two years as FAS3's Secretary, succeeds George Sinn, Jr., P.E., whose term as President had expired.

"I want to thank all members for allowing me the privilege of serving the organization for the past two years," said Sinn, Jr. "There still is a lot of work to do in our industry, but the changes we've discussed as an organization will benefit both the members and the general public to a great degree. To keep this initiative going we need the continued support of all members at all levels. Therefore, I wish that all members will work with Frank the way you have worked with me."

Collier succeeds Vitale as Secretary. Smith and Dudeck were re-elected in their roles of Vice President and Treasurer, respectively.