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Jackie Rojas Quinones


Title: Treasurer

Jackie Rojas Quinones from FAS<sup>3</sup>

When it comes to Jackie, Entrepreneurship is the word that best describes her.

From a father who began a construction company back in the 70’s that built from Little General’s, Taco Bell, and steel building in Drew Park to schools in Puerto Rico, Jackie was always at jobsites.

Jackie worked as a staff accountant fresh out of high school.  Later she worked for an import/export of paper and wood products, and a pesticides and fungicides company.  She owned a baby & gift shop and a pizza parlor.  She went on to be a vital part of a team that designed and built Dialysis Clinics and many commercial building in both Florida and Texas.

She owns her own accounting and paralegal firm, Accounting & Beyond, which assists various businesses and subcontractors in obtaining and maintaining all proper operational licenses, permits, etc.

She was instrumental in getting several sinkhole companies started with their bookkeeping and/or proper record keeping, including Ram-Jack, Geo-Ject, and many more.  She began Superior Foundation Solutions back in 2007, along with her husband John Quiñones and business partner John Lang.

Since then, she has dedicated a career to sinkhole remediation with lots of remodel work in between.

Jackie experienced politics first hand when she ran in a special election as the republican candidate for State Representative for District 58.  She lost by only seven votes, but gained a world of experience.

She was awarded Hispanic Business Woman of the Year in 2000, served as president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for many years, Regional Director of Region 6 for the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Founding Chair of Housing & Education Alliance and past treasurer for the Tampa Hispanic Heritage, Tampa Cruise-A-Cade, and the Spanish Lyrical Theater (SLT Productions). 

Many are surprised to see that Jackie is a woman certified General Contractor, but with her expertise she adds an attention to details which is what tends to set her apart from the rest.

 A true success story is not when your company gets big, but more when your company can sustain several families and that is what Jackie Rojas-Quiñones has done and continues to do.