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Meet Ted Smith from FAS3

Title: Vice President

Ted Smith from FAS<sup>3</sup>



Mr. Ted Smith currently serves as Principal Geologist for his firm Earth & Water Resources, LLC. His practice specializes in site characterizations and project reviews with an emphasis on Karst geology and sinkhole damage investigations, expert witness and litigation support, hydrogeological evaluations, contamination and environmental site assessments. Mr. Smith has over 30 years professional geological experience in environmental and engineering geology, as well as an extensive background in mining and mineral exploration. Since becoming a consultant in 1992, he has worked on a wide variety of environmental and geotechnical projects, including assessment and remediation of contaminated industrial facilities and geotechnical investigation of properties impacted by sinkhole and karst activity. Projects range from the geotechnical evaluations of hazardous elemental phosphorus tailings impoundments in Florida, Idaho, and Newfoundland to the closure of a phosphogypsum stack and chemical plant in central Florida, as well as extensive contamination assessments of various industrial facilities. Of particular note, Mr. Smith served as the technical consultant for the Veterans Expressway in Tampa, Florida from 1992 to 1996, when he managed the assessment and remediation of hazardous materials sites in the project right-of-way, including the assessment and closure of a former landfill.

Sinkhole and karst investigations are a specialized area of skill. Since 1996, Mr. Smith has directed a technical services group that has conducted over 3,000 forensic projects involving the investigation of sinkhole damage claims for the insurance industry. He has managed over 25 geologists, scientists, and technicians with annual revenues in excess of $6 million. Specific services ranged from geologic and geophysical site evaluations, emergency response, to the design, management, and oversight of sinkhole remediation and other subsurface ground improvement projects. Mr. Smith has provided expert testimony on numerous legal cases involving sinkhole activity, remediation of associated damages, and facility permit disputes.

From 1983 to 1991, Mr. Smith worked in mineral exploration and mine development in the western U.S. as a Regional Geologist and Project Geologist for various mining firms. At the White Pine Gold Mine in eastern Nevada, he was responsible for the management of exploration and mine geology programs. Mr. Smith was also a member of the development and exploration teams at the Bullfrog and Richmond Hill Mines in Nevada and South Dakota. In addition to his responsibilities for evaluating regional and ore deposit geology and ore reserves, he directed surface and groundwater quality testing programs for exploration and mine permitting.


SINKHOLE AND KARST INVESTIGATIONS (various insurance clients, Florida)  

     Director and Senior Project Manager: Oversight of more than 3,000 sinkhole and karst investigations in Florida, including site evaluations and preparation of remedial plans for subsurface grouting and underpinning.

Responsible for the financial performance of the technical services group, including profit and loss, budgeting, planning, and invoicing. Annual revenues exceeded $6 million.

Responsible for client development and management of client relations. 

Responsible for the management of over 25 geologists, scientists, and technicians.

Developed investigation protocols and methods, reporting guidelines, and report formats. 

Prepared numerous technical presentations and professional papers.

Serves as a Neutral Evaluator for the arbitration of sinkhole damage claims for the Florida Department of Financial Services.


Sr. Project Manager: Conducted a multi-year investigation of a former elemental phosphorus production facility involving evaluation of the extent of impacted ground water and surface water, as well as the resolution of multiple regulatory issues.

Managed the design and construction of a slurry wall and cap system for final closure of the facility.


Project Geologist: Conducted in-depth hydrogeological investigations for a wastewater reuse project at a citrus operation, a large residential development project, sand mine and processing plant, and a closed phosphorus production facility.


Project Manager: Managed project involving contamination and remediation issues on the Veterans Expressway in Tampa, Florida. 

Individual projects included contamination assessments at several petroleum-contaminated sites and a former un-permitted landfill, a wetlands restoration project, emergency response activities, petroleum storage tank closures and construction dewatering in contaminated areas.


EARTH & WATER RESOURCES, LLC – Lakeland, Florida 

Principal Geologist; 2011 to present


Project Geologist, Project Manager, Director, Associate; 1992 to 2011

ENVIROPACT, INC. – Clearwater, Florida; CHASTAIN SKILLMAN, Inc.  – Lakeland, Florida

Geologist, Project Manager; 1991 to 1992


Regional Geologist; 1990 to 1991


Tucson, Arizona

Project Geologist, Geologist; 1983 to 1990


Professional Geologist, Florida (No. 1368)

Certified Professional Geologist (No. 9870)

Florida Department of Financial Services Certified Neutral Evaluator

Licensed Environmental Professional (No. 350)

OSHA Hazardous Water Safety Training

MSHA Mine Safety Training

American Institute of Professional Geologists

National Ground Water Association

Society of Economic Geologists



M.S., Geology, 1983


B.S., Geology, 1980


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